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TMH Law is the specialist in employee rights in NJ. Whether you are fighting for fair wages, have unpaid overtime and sick days or are seeking remedies because of unfair pay practices, TMH Law is your one stop resource for enforcing employee rights in NJ. We give each of our clients personalized attention and work to resolve your employee rights in NJ with aggressive, passionate and strategic legal counsel.

Do You Have A Claim?

Many people do not realize that they have an actual claim. However, the “The Fair Labor Standards Act” (also known as FLSA) established the legal statutes governing minimum wage, overtime pay and record keeping for workers in the United States. Whether you work full-time or part-time and no matter who you work for, including private sector or the government, FLSA governs and dictates all employee rights in NJ.

There are several types of claims that workers can make under the FLSA, including:

  • failure to pay overtime
  • failure to pay workers for all the time they work
  • tip credit, for tipped employees make a lower minimum plus tips
  • overtime pay
  • independent contractors
  • compensatory time

If you have have a claim under the FLSA and you are deemed a wronged employee, you may be entitled to lost wages and damages.

When Should I Call About My Employee Rights in NJ?

As soon as you suspect that you may have been wronged under the FLSA, you should call and consult the attorneys at TMH Law.  These cases can be complicated and only a specialist in fair labor law can tell you if you have a claim. Do not ever believe everything your employer says is the truth. Consult those who specialize in employee rights in NJ at TMH Law, who will offer you an unbiased, expert assessment of your potential claim. Please contact us by email or phone call! We look forward to helping you.

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