Will Trump Change Policies on Employee Rights Near Philadelphia?

With the new Trump administration in view, many are asking how this will affect workers. How will employee rights near Philadelphia change in the future?

Nothing can be certain at this point, except that TMH Law will continue to fight for the rights of workers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, staying constantly updated on the new legislation and informed about how that could affect your case.

Here we describe several issues that Trump has talked about turning into policy which would affect PA workers rights:

Wage and hour. Like Clinton, Trump seems to be receptive to (and possibly keen about) a federal minimal wage increase. However, it seems more likely that the decision could also get handed off to state governance.

Workplace safety. Comments made in his campaign suggest that Trump may streamline the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), repeal some policies on increased reporting requirements and penalties, and concentrate OSHA on law enforcement for highly hazardous situations, according to Travis Vance (Fisher Phillips Workplace Safety and Catastrophe Management Practice Group). This would mean that the agency would become most focused on inspections for accidents, safety consultations with employers, and hazard prevention.

H1-B (Temporary work program) visas. While much of the Trump’s campaign focused on immigration reform, it’s not easy to say what follow-through will look like. During the campaign Trump promised that he would mandate E-verify to check employment eligibility. He may change the H1-B visa, which allows employers to bring on skilled foreign workers, in favor of policies to encourage the hiring of Americans.

These are just a few highlights as experts attempt to predict the legal changes which will be brought about by a new administration.

Whether these possibilities strike you as good news or bad news, know that your employee rights near Philadelphia and in PA will be protected when you go to a law firm specializing in worker’s rights. TMH Law has won numerous cases against large and small corporations on behalf of the worker. Our expertise is the best you will find in employee rights law.

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