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New Jersey is an “employment at will” state, meaning that any employer can terminate any employee at any time for any reason. When you work hard to provide for yourself and your family, it’s hard to believe that there are still employers that continue to take advantage of their employees. At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland we want you to arm yourself with the knowledge of employee rights NJ residents deserve!

What Are Your Employee Rights in the Workplace?

Break Periods

Employee-Rights-NJUnder Federal Law, employers are required to pay their employee for short breaks, from 5-20 minutes, and are required to pay an employee if they work through their lunch break. New Jersey doesn’t have any laws requiring employers to give their employees a meal or short break no matter how long they’ve been working.  Unless the employee is under the age of eighteen years old.

Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws

New Jersey complies with the Fair Labor Standards Act which sets the minimum wage and overtime laws.  The FLSA has set the minimum wage at $7.25 hourly, and requires employers to pay all “non-exempt” employees time and a half for working over a 40 hour work week. Under the New Jersey Wage & Hour Law, employees that are “exempt” from receiving time and a half pay are those that are in administrative, executive, and professional employee roles.  

Unemployment Compensation

Can you quit your job and still receive unemployment?

New Jersey allows unemployment compensation for those who quit for “good cause”. Quitting for “good cause “ could mean you quit because your employer was asking you to perform illegal or unethical acts.

Can you receive unemployment compensation if you were fired?

Under New Jersey Employee rights you are entitled to unemployment compensation unless you were fired for misconduct. If it was determined that you were fired for misconduct you will not receive unemployment compensation for 6 weeks. If, however, you were fired for gross misconduct you lose all eligibility for compensation.

If your employer has violated your employee rights in NJ area, please contact TMH law today!


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