Take Advantage of these 3 Employee Rights Pennsylvania

If you’re a worker in Pennsylvania, then you’re fortunate to live in a state that extends many protections of workers’ rights. But if you’re like most people, you don’t know the policies that you should absolutely take advantage of as a worker. At TMH Law, we seek not only to educate workers on their rights, but also to fight for justice on their behalf. After reading our top 3 employee rights, Pennsylvania workers may want to consider taking advantage of our free first consultation with a seasoned Philadelphia lawyer.

  1. Pennsylvania has no-fault workers’ comp laws. That means that you aren’t required to prove that the employer is more at fault than you are for the accident in order to acquire your benefits (in some states, you must prove that the employer was more at fault). You do, however, need to follow the correct procedures in order to access those benefits.
  2. You have 21 days to submit a report of an accident in writing. In the case that you do need to ask for workers’ comp, the law provides a 21-day time period after the date of the accident during which you must submit a report in writing. Our advice: take advantage of this timeframe and go to a workers’ comp lawyer to get guidance on your written report.
  3. In the case of injury, you are only required to go to a company doctor when your company has sent written notification with a list of providers that meet certain requirements. If the company hasn’t done due diligence and sent the notification, you as a worker have the right to go to any other provider and have this paid for by the company under workers’ compensation. If the company does send you this list, then you must go to one of these company doctors during the first 90 days following the first doctor’s visit. If you are advised to get surgery, you have the right to go to another doctor for a second opinion.

Employers have the right to ensure that their workers are getting care from doctors they trust. But they must follow the Workers’ Compensation Act according to the regulations in the Pennsylvania Code. Employees have the right to get care and treatment when hurt on the job, and are not required to jump through as many hoops as some other states to show their injury was the fault of the employer. To learn more about your employee rights Pennsylvania, call us at TMH Law at 215-592-8080.

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