Know Your Employees Rights in PA

Employee Rights in PA

Up until now, your knowledge on employees rights in PA were pretty basic. Any place of employment cannot discriminate based on age, gender, race, religion, or national origin at the time of hiring or anytime thereafter. As you go out in search of a job, the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland want you to be equipped with information about the rights of employees in Pennsylvania.

Employees Rights In PA

  • Minimum Wage Each state can set its own minimum wage, but Pennsylvania has set its minimum wage at $7.25 which is the same as the Federal government minimum wage.
  • Overtime – Federal overtime laws cover most people, not all. States also have their own overtime laws, and usually protect you better than federal overtime laws. Pennsylvania overtime laws require employees be paid for any hours they work over 40 hours. The compensation for overtime is 1 ½ times the regular rate of pay. Some may be exempt from overtime pay.
  • Work Environment – Employees have the right to work in a place free of safety hazards, toxic substances, and dangerous conditions. Employees cannot be terminated for reporting unsafe working conditions.
  • Breaks and Meal Periods – If a minor (14-17 years old) works 5 or more consecutive hours, they must take breaks periods of at least 30 minutes. Pennsylvania Law does not require employers to give breaks for those 18 and over. However, if your employer allows for breaks, and they are 20 minutes or less you must be paid for your breaks. Meal Periods lasting longer than 20 minutes are not paid.
  • Termination – Pennsylvania is an At-Will Employment State. Which means an employer or employee can terminate the working relationship for any or no reason unless otherwise stated in an employee’s contract. Again, an employer cannot discriminate or terminate an employee due to race, gender, religion, age or national origin.

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Employees Rights In PA | Employee Rights In PA

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