Interesting Facts about the Fairness and Treatment of the Worker Allentown

What are your rights as an employee? What would you consider fairness and treatment of the worker Allentown employees? Do you know if your employer is paying everyone for their overtime? Is it legal to ask employees to work off the clock without pay? What’s your employer’s policy on harassment?

As an employee, it’s important to be well informed of your employee rights. Maybe you’re not experiencing issues with your employer, but what about your friend or family member that is unaware that their employer is taking advantage of them at work. It’s time to become aware of the Pennsylvania Labor Laws.

Pennsylvania Employee Rights

While there are many laws protecting employees, below are just a few to help you get started.


The Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination of an employee based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. The  Pennsylvania state law prohibits discrimination based on race, color, disability (physical or mental), age (40-70), national origin, religion, sex (pregnancy, childbirth), use of a service animal, relationship with a disabled person, and having a GED instead of a high school diploma.

If an employer failed to hire you, fired you, withheld a promotion, verbally or physically harassed you because of one of the reasons above, you have the right to take legal action.

Meals and Breaks

Pennsylvania law does not require employers to provide breaks to employees 18 years old or older. However, Pennsylvania law does require that employers provide a meal break to their employees 14-17 years old who work 5 or more consecutive hours.


Pennsylvania law requires employers to pay their employees overtime pay once they’ve worked over a regular 40 hour work week. An employee shall receive 1 ½ times their regular rate when working overtime.

Be informed about the fairness and treatment of the worker Allentown! Contact TMH Law today if you’ve been treated unfairly by your employer.

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