FAQ: Slip, Trip and Fall Down Attorney in Philadelphia

You’ve suffered a fall at work and need to know whether your employer is legally or otherwise responsible for the accident. What do you do? TMH Law Philadelphia attorneys are here to help you with answers to the most frequently asked questions about a slip and fall down attorney in Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania laws that preside over these cases.

Q : Can I sue my employer for the accident?

A: No, generally you don’t have this recourse for injuries that you sustain while on the job. However, these types of cases are almost always covered by the state’s’ Workers Comp laws, which means this is the only type of claim that you can make (as opposed to a personal injury claim.)

Q: Should I fill out an accident report at the time of the fall?

A: Yes, it’s a good idea to complete a report, whether it’s a common practice for your business or not. If you can’t generate a report at your business, make your own record of what occurred. Be sure to include information: a description of the circumstances leading to the fall; what you felt/saw/heard when the fall happened; who was there; and anything that happened afterwards, including comments made by people who saw it. Take photographs if possible right after the fall happens. Also, go ahead and get medical attention; workers compensation pays retroactively so you can collect compensation using the receipts.

Q: What should I say to the insurance adjuster?

The quick answer here is: Nothing. When a slip and fall happens, it’s generally not in your best interest to talk to the property owner’s insurance adjuster. You are not obligated to provide written or recorded statements. Take care that you retain an experienced attorney and let the insurance company know that you are represented by that person. The insurance adjuster will attempt to establish the extent of the injuries and how the accident happened in order to poke holes in the claim. They may try to find out about warnings you may have ignored; whether your injuries were preexisting, and if you had a valid reason for being where you were.

You can be provided with a slip or trip and fall down attorney in Philadelphia at TMH Law, where we provide lawyers experienced in workers compensation claims. Don’t wait; be sure that you are being represented appropriately by calling us at (215) 543-6771.

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