3 Mistakes To Avoid After a Fender Bender in Jersey

When you get in an accident, even if it’s only a “fender bender,” it’s easy to minimize the damage and the effects that can come afterwards.

Your insurance is there to ensure that you don’t get hammered financially, and, of course, you’ll get the medical care you need. But what mistakes can you make when you get into a minor accident and are looking for a fender bender attorney in Jersey? We recommend that you avoid these three mistakes that hurt your chances in a claim:

1. Say You’re Okay

If you’ve been in an accident or fender bender–no matter how minor, don’t say you’re okay right afterwards if you feel some pain. Be specific and say that you don’t need an ambulance. Always let the first responders know exactly what you’re feeling. Sometimes it will take hours or even days for the symptoms to present themselves. You may feel nothing now and have severe pain later. Attorneys at TMH Law counsel you to avoid the error of saying “I’m okay” ….if you don’t have pain now, just don’t say anything.

2. Wait Too Long to Act

Sometimes because people don’t experience symptoms right away, they don’t take action until later when they’re really feeling the consequences. But the deadlines on your legal rights should encourage you to take preliminary steps now, even if you’re not sure of the extent of the damage. Don’t wait to get medical care; besides taking care of your health, you need to do it to document the injuries right away for any fender bender medical claim.  Also, don’t wait to investigate the accident because crucial evidence will disappear very quickly. Witnesses will forget details; video surveillance may get taped over. Don’t wait to reach out to an attorney. You might have a tough time finding one that will take the case if there’s not enough time to prepare it successfully.

3. Trust the Insurance Company With Too Much Information

Trusting the insurance company too much can ruin your accident claim. Remember that the insurance adjuster is not on your side. He or she is just trying to save the company money. Only give the insurance company the information which is required by law. Avoid talking about fault, injuries, etc. Don’t give a recorded statement. These actions will not help you; they will only help the insurance company. Get an attorney to do the communicating for you and avoid this mess that will only ruin your claim.

Many people don’t even realize that they are entitled to a claim because they believe that a fender bender is too minor to merit attention in the eyes of the law. Nothing could be more untrue. Research shows that the severity of injuries are unrelated to the damage done to your car, so even if it’s a “minor” accident that occurred at low speed, it’s common to have back pain after a fender bender.  Don’t wait. Get a fender bender attorney in Jersey so that you can avoid these easily-made mistakes. Call TMH Law today at 215-592.8080.

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