Fighting For Fair Wages New Jersey Workers?

In a day and age where cute puppy videos go viral, and we love to hear stories of people rescuing innocent animals from traps or abuse or neglect, it seems like the spirit of America is becoming more attuned and accustomed to compassion. As a compassionate lawyer, we stand behind that. A lot of the fighting for fair wages in New Jersey content on our blog has a warning tone to it, and there are two things you should take away from that tone.

#1) Sometimes, the world is a much harsher place than we would like it to be. Part of the reason those videos go viral is that it’s rare to see such kindness in our everyday lives and we’re attracted to it like moths to a flame on a dark summer night.

#2) Sometimes, the world is a much harsher place than we assume it to be. When you’re fighting for fair wages, New Jersey employers might surprise you. They might not realize that there’s a NJ fight for fair wages going on! They might be uninformed, just following the instructions passed on to them by previous employers, or just copying what they see other employers doing. Many employers are ignorant of the fine print of the Fair Labor Standards Act, and once they realize that there was a mistake made, are glad to remedy it. We’re not just warning employees to be watchful; we’re warning employers to be informed and stay informed.

Fighting For Fair Wages: New Jersey Lawyers’ Counsel

So before you try to file a lawsuit in
fighting for fair wages, New Jersey lawyers will recommend that you contact the EEOC or local FSPA (Fair Employment Practice Agencies). The Equal Employment Opportunity Committee can judge whether you are being discriminated against or your employer is just ignorantly violating the FLSA. A mediation process can be successful in resolving all issues to the satisfaction of all parties, without any legal fees necessitated.

If, however, no change seems to result from your fighting for fair wages, New Jersey lawyers will recommend a consultation to determine if you do have a claim. If you do, justice must be served, and you must be compensated.

Contact TMH Law if you’re in that situation, or if you’re unsure of your situation and need a free consultation.

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