Tired of Fighting for Fair Wages PA Workers?

Americans love justice.

We love justice so much that it seems like these days every other blockbuster is a superhero movie. And that trend is not due just to the fact that CGI makes it finally possible for a whole generation of comic book fans to see their heroes come to life, but also to the fact that good vs. evil, black hat/white hat movies have always been the biggest sellers (think cowboy movies back in the 50s–a streak that stayed popular for a good forty years). In short, people like to watch justice served.

It is so cathartic and enjoyable because we rarely see it in our everyday lives. Anyone who is fighting for fair wages, PA lawyers can tell you, is probably tired out from the exhaustion it engenders. Many people are too tired to continue fighting for fair wages; PA companies know that and easily profit from it. This is how it goes…

Reasons Why People Stop Fighting For Fair Wages: PA Edition

Janet is tired. She works as a lunch lady and does night shifts at the local fast food joint. Her husband injured his shoulder last year and can’t work at the lumber yard anymore, and he isn’t getting any worker’s comp. Both establishments are charging her for uniform rental and she’s so tired that sometimes she makes mistakes and breaks dishes–all of which comes out of her already-meager salary. On top of that, her mom’s health is failing fast, so she has two choices:

  1. Hire a lawyer to help her fight for fair wages: someone who knows the fair wages act inside and out.
  2. Pick up a third job as a dishwasher or bartender to plug the gaps in her salary.

All three of those jobs are some of the top 10 lowest-paying jobs in Pennsylvania. A good lawyer could have told her that the deductions her employer was making was a violation of the fair wages and labor act. A great lawyer could have given her the encouragement she needed to not just buckle under the pressure or tell herself ‘this is how it is’ and forget the injustice of it all.

That’s where TMH Law comes in. If you know someone who needs help fighting for fair wages, PA lawyer Thomas Holland is the advocate you’re looking for. To learn more, contact TMH Law today.

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