Help for Injured On The Job Pennsylvania Workers

Were you, or was someone you love, injured on the job in Pennsylvania?  If so, it is important to start taking action right away so that your Workers’ Compensation claim can progress as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Although these cases can often be difficult to navigate, help is available to injured on the job Pennsylvania workers like you.  Experienced lawyers can handle your case, helping you to receive the compensation you deserve while you focus on your recovery.  At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we are proud to provide passionate representation for injured workers like you.

Timing is one of the key factors in a successful Workers’ Compensation Case.  An injured on the job Pennsylvania worker must report an injury (except for instances of progressive diseases) to their employer within 21 days of its occurrence; if an injury goes unreported for more than 120 days, the employer may be able to deny all Workers’ Compensation benefits.  During this timeframe, workers also need to be thinking about seeking out approved medical help, filing accurate and thorough reports, and dealing with the personal implications of their injury.  Even if these were the only factors to be considered, it would be clear why help from an experienced attorney could make a significant difference.

However, some injured on the job Pennsylvania workers also have to deal with unclear or inconsistent communications from their employers or the employers’ insurance companies, further complicating the situation.

This is where the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland can help.  Our passionate and experienced attorneys can stand up to insurance companies and get you the benefits you deserve, while ensuring that you have the space you need to recover.  For more information about how we can help in your particular situation, please contact us today at (215) 458-2084.

Injured On The Job Pennsylvania | Injured On The Job In Pennsylvania

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