How to Choose From Many Philadelphia Law Firms

If you’re looking to choose from one of the many Philadelphia Law Firms, don’t search for Philadelphia law firms by size. There are many big names out there: Cozen O’Connor, Morgan Lewis. But if you or a loved one needs one of the top Philadelphia law firms, you need personalized attention, experienced attorneys, and the reassurance that, no matter how big or small the case, justice is the goal.

Out of All Philadelphia Law Firms, TMH Law Stands Alone

Take a look at some of the cases that make up the pattern of success with Thomas More Holland:

Rivera v. Delta Airlines, Inc., 1997 WL 634500, 11 NDLR P 61 [E.D. Pa. 1997. More than a string of numbers and letters, this case represents the discrimination that Ms. Rivera faced because of her disability, and the justice won for her by TMH Law.

When Thomas J Kelly was injured by a fellow worker, and then became a victim of medical malpractice, TMH Law represented him in both claims. He won a confidential sum and was not obligated to pay the lawyers fees.

In product liabilities, we have Patricia Cella, who was originally awarded  $825,000.00. The law offices of Thomas More Holland were able to raise that amount to $1.501,780.25. Even when the courts were unfair, TMH Law didn’t back down. They got justice for Patricia, and she got the compensation she was due.

Not all Philadelphia law firms are equal, as demonstrated by how far TMH Law leads the pack, setting higher standards in interpersonal-communication and excellence in law. They specialize in the following areas: worker’s compensation, product liability, pedestrian injuries, personal injury, automobile accidents, employment discrimination, Fair Labor Standards Act, longshoreman injuries, social security disability, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse.

In each area, TMH Law has acquitted itself as the philadelphia law firm you can trust.

Why? Because our motto captures who we are. “Experience counts; results matter.” If you’re looking for results, don’t hesitate to contact TMH Law today.

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