Injured Due To Insufficient Slip And Fall Prevention?

Were you or was someone you love injured due to insufficient slip and fall prevention?  Whether you fell on a residential or commercial property that was improperly built or maintained, you may have a personal injury case.  If so, it is important that you follow the right process, not only to seek justice for yourself, but also to play an important role in further slip and fall prevention.  At The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we are here to help you navigate the process of filing a claim and seeking the justice you or your loved one deserves.slip and fall prevention

First and foremost, it is important to report the incident as soon as possible.  If there were any witnesses at the event, gather their contact information for future reference.  If possible, getting photographic evidence of the scene can help be helpful.

However, in the process of gathering information, do not put off seeking medical treatment. Get the treatment you need and provide a full statement to your health care provider, ensuring it includes the same detail as your legal report. If you are prescribed follow-up appointments for your injury, you must be sure to attend those, not only for your own healing process but also for the sake of your credence in the case.

Additionally, you should find a reliable law firm who can represent you as you file your claim.  Be sure to look for one who has significant experience handling slip and fall prevention cases like your own.  Your attorney can provide the guidance and representation you will need to seek justice and prevent further incidents like yours from occurring.

At The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we have the knowledge and experience you need to navigate your case efficiently and get you the results you need.  For more information, contact our offices today at (215) 543-6783.

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