Know Your Workers’ Rights Pennsylvania

Do you believe that your rights as a worker have not been respected by your employer? Are you seeking to learn about workers rights Pennsylvania or workers comp laws?

TMH Law is here to help you ensure that your rights are protected. Did you know that in Pennsylvania, employers with one or more employees must comply with the Workers’ Compensation Act? Part-time and seasonal workers are covered, including those who work in nonprofit organizations.

Workers’ comp is an insurance compensation system that replaces the income of employees when they have been injured on the job. In return, workers give up the right to sue for personal injuries. If you believe your employer is not following workers rights Pennsylvania law, it’s time to have a serious conversation. Many times an employer will be willing to respond to your needs when you remind them of your rights in Pennsylvania. You are entitled to medical treatment, paid for by your employer, when the injury occurs on the job.

Workers rights Pennsylvania has limitations. For example, subject to a few exceptions, you cannot sue for wrongful termination in Pennsylvania—only when you can justify that termination occurs for discriminatory reasons. Because Pennsylvania is an “at-will” state, you are hired and fired according to the needs of your employer. Once a year in Pennsylvania, you are entitled to look over your own personnel file, which may be important if you believe it could contain defamatory content.

Worried about workers’ comp issues at your employment? Please visit us at TMH Law.

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