Work-Related Reasons to Seek a Lawyer in Philadelphia

Often times people don’t see legal counsel despite having perfectly legitimate claims. Many suffer and lose out on compensation they may be entitled. Some of the reasons people decide not to seek help is because they’re not sure if they have a case, or if it doesn’t seem important enough. Perhaps they don’t understand their rights well enough to take that first step to call a lawyer. Here are two common work-related reasons why you SHOULD absolutely get a lawyer in Philadelphia:

You aren’t receiving minimum wage.

Minimum wage is not the same in every state, and some states don’t have an approved state-wide minimum wage. But, if you live in Pennsylvania, the 2016 minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. In New Jersey, it’s $8.38 an hour. To check a summary and chart of minimum wages in the US, consult the National Conference of State Legislatures web page.

Your right to minimum wage is protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Under this law, many employees have fought against companies including corporate giants like Walmart, and have beaten them! Also, under this law, any employer who retaliates against you when you are pressing a FLSA case may face penalties.

You believe your employer is responsible for a slip trip and fall accident.

If the employer’s negligence to attend to possibly dangerous conditions has led to a slip trip and fall accident at the workplace, you may be in a position to press charges. You are entitled to medical treatment that is paid by your employer when an injury occurs on the job.

Workers’ comp covers part-time and seasonal workers as well as full-time employees. A workers’ comp case depends on whether you can prove that dangerous conditions existed where they should not have existed. Another contributing factor is whether a “normal person” would have taken preventative steps to ensure that an accident would not occur.

If you seek a lawyer in Philadelphia for work-related reasons, TMH Law is here to fight for your cause. We protect the rights of the common worker and inform you of what you should expect. Call us at (215) 543-6771 today for a consultation about your case.

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