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We get calls about a wide variety of legal issues. One of the categories of cases that we take on is related to minimum wage PA laws. Though it is against the law to pay your employees less than minimum wage in PA, you’d be shocked at how many businesses try to do just that. If you’re at a job where you are consistently earning less than minimum wage, contact us today. If your employer is ignoring overtime pay laws, not paying employees equally, or not paying fairly, you may have a case. For information and answers to any questions you have, visit our website or call for a consultation today.

Laws for Minimum Wage in PA

The minimum wage PA businesses must pay is currently $7.25/hour, effective as of July of 2009. Overtime pay must occur at a rate no less than one and one-half times the regular rate of pay. Overtime kicks in after 40 hours worked in a workweek. Many employees do not know what their rights are, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you’re being paid unfairly, you do have rights. Common issues we see include failure to pay adequate overtime (if at all), failure to pay workers for all hours worked, unfair tip credit systems, offering compensatory time instead of overtime, and many other offenses.

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It’s never too soon to schedule a consultation with us – we want to help you. If the pay system at your job is setting off warning flags in your mind, it won’t hurt to contact us. We can inform you of your rights as they relate to minimum wage in PA and any other issues you may be facing. At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we can investigate your claim, decipher if your rights have been violated, and prescribe a course of action.

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