Facing On the Job Injuries New Jersey Workers? Know How to Proceed!

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has pushed hard over the past 45 years to implement aggressive changes in the working environment of industries across every sector. With rigorous standards and the cooperation of many employers, the OSHA has seen a decidedly positive change in worker injuries and illnesses.  The most recent on the job injuries statistics show that they are down from 10.9 incidents per 100 workers in 1972 to 3.3 per 100 workers in 2014.

However, accidents still happen, and there still are negligent employers that care little about a safe work environment.  So, what can be done about on the job injuries New Jersey residents face?

What Should Your Employer Do

On The Job Injuries New JerseyFirst, know what your employer should do if you suffer an on the job injury.

If you have suffered an on the job injury, report the incident to a supervisor or other authority in your place of business.  It is not required to be in writing, but documentation is always good.  If you feel you are in need of medical treatment, this also should be communicated to your employer.

Your employer should notify their workers’ compensation insurance provider with a First Report of Injury that must be filed for on the job injuries in New Jersey.  Your employer should also provide you with an approved list of medical providers from which you could seek treatment.

Your employer’s workers’ compensation will communicate with the medical professional you see and determine whether the claim is compensable under the state law.

If so, treatment may continue until complete healing is achieved.  In some cases, workers may receive compensation benefits, whether temporary or permanent, full or partial.

What If There Is A Dispute?

If however, your employer fails to recognize your on the job injury as a work-related issue, you may file either a formal Claim Petition or an Application for an Informal Hearing with the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

At this point, it may be in your best interest to seek legal representation.  Workers compensation will instantly provide your employer with a trained legal professional to fight for their case.

You deserve the same legal strength on your side.  An attorney well versed in the matters of workers’ compensation and on the job injuries New Jersey workers experience will be able to offer you the knowledge and expertise that your case needs.

For an aggressive and passionate lawyer that cares about the outcome of your life, not just your case, call TMH law today!  Thomas More Holland is known for his tenacious methods in fighting for the justice of those that have been wronged by no fault of their own.

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