On the Job Injuries Philadelphia Workers? What’s Next?

When you go to work do you think about on the job injuries? Have you ever wondered what the top causes of work-related injuries are? Could you be suffering from on the job injuries Philadelphia residents, and not even know it?

Top 10 On the Job Injuries

On-The-Job-Injuries-PhiladelphiaIn 2012, a study was conducted to determine the most common work injuries. These are the top 10 on the job injuries based on  workers’ compensation claims data.

  1. Overexertion
  2. Same level falls
  3. Being struck by equipment or an object
  4. Falls from an upper level
  5. Other exertions bodily
  6. Roadway accidents
  7. Slip and trip
  8. Caught in or between equipment
  9. Repetitive motions
  10. Struck against an object

Carpal Tunnel is considered an injury sustained from repetitive motion. Overexertion injuries are related to lifting, carrying, pushing, throwing, and holding. Whether you’ve sustained an obvious injury or one hard to identify, what should you do next?

The Next Step

When you sustain on the job injuries in Philadelphia there are some immediate steps you must take.

First, you must report your injury immediately. In Pennsylvania, you have 21 days to report your injury in order to be eligible for worker’s compensation. If you don’t report your injury within 120 days you lose the ability to receive worker’s compensation benefits.

Second, you must immediately be seen by a doctor in order to assess the severity of your injury. The worker’s comp law states your employer must provide you with a list of doctors you are able to see along with a list of employee rights that needs to be signed by you. If your employer does not provide this information you are free to see whichever doctor you choose.

Third, it’s time to seek an on the job injury lawyer. If your worker’s compensation claim has been denied, and you’ve completed the steps properly, then you need a compassionate lawyer who will fight for your worker’s compensation benefits. TMH Law has the on the job injuries Philadelphia lawyer you need. Contact us today!


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