Tips to Avoid Workers Comp Claims From Philadelphia Injury Lawyers

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation & Workplace Safety Annual Report stated that 166,114 workplace injuries occurred in 2015.

With a maximum allowable weekly compensation of $932 weekly. As of January 1, 2017 that amount has gone up to $995 per week. These numbers reflect a high number of injuries, and the high cost of of workplace injuries.

The Philadelphia injury lawyers at TMH Law want to give a few tips and tricks that can help you be proactive in avoiding on the job injuries. We understand that avoiding injuries all together is impossible, but we hope these tips can help reduce injuries to your workers.

  1. philadelphia injury lawyersInclude safety questions in interviews – During an interview you want to determine if the candidate has the experience and expertise you desire for the position, but it’s also important to determine how they can handle workplace safety. Provide scenario based questions to assess their knowledge in workplace safety.
  2. Workplace risk assessment – This begins with the employer observing their employees and the surrounding work areas. Are your employees experiencing discomfort as they work? Are they modifying their workstations to be comfortable? Is their workspace OSHA compliant? If you notice safety issues with work stations it might be time to correct any issues you see.
  3. Orientation – An employee orientation allows the new hires to understand how things work at their new job. Orientations are also a place to establish the importance of safety and how serious safety is to successfully performing their duties.
  4. Implement Safety Meetings – Safety meetings can provide an insight into what has caused previous injuries to workers. Meetings can also be a refresher for those who may have forgotten the correct safety procedure for a task. Safety meetings can hold everyone accountable even the employer.

Safety is important to employee and employer alike. TMH Law is the place to find Philadelphia injury Lawyers with the experience you need. Contact us today!

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