Philadelphia Law Firms Must Have These 3 Things

With a city-proper population of 1.5 million and the entire metro-area population ringing in over 6 million, Philadelphia has no lack of options for any service you may need.  But with these options, comes a decidedly frustrating realization.  There are as many bad options as there are good ones, and often times more.

Philadelphia Law FirmsThe case is no different when it comes to Philadelphia law firms.  While we applaud the law firms in Philly that are walking a narrow path of ethics and justice, we know that they are few and far between.  So, what can you do when trying to decide on a Philadelphia law firm for your legal needs?

Look for These 3 Things in a Philadelphia Law Firm


First, an attorney must be tenacious.  Just as a true artist must be creative and a renowned chef must take culinary risks, an attorney must be willing to fight with aggression and tenacity in order to achieve any success for his or her clients.  When you are considering an attorney for your employee discrimination needs, auto accident case, or personal injury at work, you need an attorney that has a proven track record of success and the spirit of strength to accompany it.  Sure, nice is good.  But too nice is detrimental.  Make sure your attorney has the tenacity to fight for your rights.


Think of someone you know that succeeds in their job.  Whether their a teacher for 1st grade or a high level CEO, chances are the reason for success falls upon the heart behind their work.  Do they love what they do?  Do they have a deeper motivation within to continue working through the challenges that will inevitably come in any occupation?

When you are considering service from top Philadelphia law firms, it only makes sense for you to find an attorney that cares deeply about his work and the meaning behind it.  The more internal motivation your attorney has, the more success you will see in your case.


In a city of this size, there are numerous large firms with lucrative accounts and constant clientele.  But your small “slip, trip and fall” case may quickly become swallowed in a mound of high-profile cases.  You need a boutique law firm that cares, not about the mass amount of cases pumped out in a year, but rather about the people that are behind those cases and their ultimate well-being.  A small Philadelphia law firm provides the attention and care that you need in order to be thoroughly heard and tenaciously protected from big companies, employers, and other aggressive lawyers that are out only to bury your case.

So, where can you find all of this?  At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland!  Tom Holland left a large law firm working to protect corporations and large businesses in order to protect the very people he saw every day that were in-justly being swept away and dismissed because of more aggressive lawyers on the side of their employers and insurance companies.

If you need an attorney that fights aggressively for the ‘little man’, you need Tom Holland!  Call us today at (215) 259-5288.


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