What should I know about Philadelphia Workers Compensation?

When you’re injured at work and worried about the litany of bills to come for your medical expenses, or you simply realize you will be out of work for some time, it’s important to know the basics about Philadelphia workers compensation (for workers compensation PA).

Philadelphia Workers CompensationFirst, you’ll want to know how much of your paycheck will still come to you under Philadelphia workers’ compensation? The answer is that Pennsylvania pays workers approximately ⅔ of their average weekly wage. The maximum for a weekly wage is pre-set, at $932.

Second, how do I pay my bills while I’m waiting for my PA workers compensation claim?  First, check on your employer’s policy for disability, sickness, and accident. If you don’t have this as part of your work benefits, use up all the vacation or sick time you have. Lastly, you may need to seek public assistance if you do not have other options with your employer.

Third, what policies govern the workers compensation in Pennsylvania? For instance, you’ll get Philadelphia workers compensation payments if you have been on medical leave from work for more than 7 days. To be paid for those first seven days, you must be off work and under the care of a doctor for a minimum of 14 consecutive work days.

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