Nursing Home Abuse

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One of the most difficult decisions a family faces is placing an elderly parent, grandparent, or spouse in a nursing home or an assisted living facility so that they can receive care for their medical and day-to-day living needs. Unfortunately, as the elderly population grows, so do the problems associated with how nursing homes and assisted living facilities treat our loved ones, and the problem seems to be getting worse.

What makes the situation even more distressing is the fact that nursing home and assisted living neglect is often overlooked, or families accept excuses designed to cover up the problems. As a result, relatives view the decline of their loved ones as inevitable rather than the result of neglect, abuse or other serious causes.

According to a report by the National Center on Elder Abuse,1 nearly 1 in 3 U.S. nursing homes were cited for violating federal standards during the two year period studied. In addition, the study noted that nearly 1 out of 10 nursing homes had violations that caused harm, serious injury, or placed seniors in jeopardy of death.

The problem is serious, and many nursing homes refuse to take the proper steps to assure that they properly care for our relatives and friends. In one study, 44% of the patients said that they had been abused while in a nursing home, and 95% said they had been neglected or had seen another resident neglected.

Nursing home abuse and neglect comes in many forms:

  • Physical violence (including pushing, grabbing or shoving nursing home residents)
  • Mental abuse (including yelling or swearing at nursing home residents)

Thus, in a setting where caring for seniors should be the number one priority, nursing homes are avoiding their responsibilities, and allowing abuse and neglect to becoming prevalent. From emotional abuse to physical assault, nursing home abuse is wrong. Plus, the victims are vulnerable and often do not or cannot speak up because they fear that the abuse will only worsen. As a result, is vital for family members and loved ones to recognize the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse include:

  • Bruises
  • Bed sores
  • Broken bones
  • Rapid weight loss or weight gain
  • Emotional agitation or anxiety
  • Behavior such as sucking, biting, or rocking
  • Unexpected death

Nursing home abuse lawsuits can be complex. That’s why you need an attorney who will fight aggressively for the rights of your loved one. That lawyer is Attorney Thomas More Holland.

We guide our clients through every step of the legal process, explaining what you can expect from a nursing home abuse case and what to do when you have questions or concerns. We fight to recover full and fair compensation for those who have been injured though the neglect or abuse of a caretaker.

What to Do If You Suspect Abuse

If you suspect your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse or neglect, visit the facility frequently at different times of day to give your loved one every opportunity to come forward. Pay attention to your loved one’s behavior, looking for the above mentioned signs of abuse or neglect.

When Should I Consult an Attorney?

If you suspect abuse or neglect, contact us as soon as possible. Nursing home administrators may offer you compensation and ask that you sign documents that release them from further responsibility. They may even try to obstruct your efforts to move your loved one to another facility. You need an attorney on your side to protect the rights of your loved one, to fight to ensure the abuse stops, and to recover fair compensation.

When you call the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, you will receive personal attention from our attorneys and well-trained support staff, as well as the professionalism you deserve. If you believe you have a nursing home abuse or neglect case, contact the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland by filling out a simple form, by sending an email or by calling (215) 592-8080.



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