What Do I Do After Having a Slip Trip And Fall Accident in Philadelphia?

Generally, when a state of emergency is declared ahead of a hurricane or giant snowstorm, these disasters never actually materialize. The essentials shelves in grocery stores and corner bodegas are empty and bare, windows are boarded up, but nothing happens. Perhaps the authorities are aware of this trend–the one where they call wolf, and no wolf shows up–and are capitalizing on it, calling wolf at the slightest warning signs of a natural disaster in the hopes that Mother Nature (in all her fickleness) will decide to prove them wrong.

This trend is remarkably accurate, but sometimes even the best of the worst meteorologists is right, and we find ourselves with snow piling up to our door handles. It’s the perfect conditions for a slip trip and fall accident in Philadelphia. It’s one thing to theorize about slip trip and fall hazards, slip trip and fall statistics, and fall prevention. It’s another when you’ve already had a slip trip and fall accident in Philadelphia, and you are wondering what to do.

What to Do After a Slip Trip and Fall Accident in Philadelphia

  1. Save your clothes

The first thing an attorney will try to prove in court is that you were wearing unsuitable clothes. Having the clothes you wore when you sustained a slip trip and fall accident in philly is crucial to proving that was not, in fact, the determining factor in your accident. If, however, you don’t have your clothes, the defense has a much better case.

  1. Reassure yourself

Many people feel that they are responsible for their slip trip and fall accidents in Philadelphia. This, however, is not the case. There are strict codes regarding slip trip and fall hazards that public places and landlords must abide by. Winter is not a new invention, and our government has set up legislation that is designed to keep its citizens safe.

  1. Call TMH Law

TMH Law was founded on the ideal that the rights of every man should be upheld, even in the face of corporate bullying or manipulation. It is wisest to have a counselor who can direct your questions, inform your answers, and help you get the compensation you deserve from your slip trip and fall accident in Philadelphia.

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