At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland we measure our success by client satisfaction.

We fight for our clients – no matter how big or small the case – to ensure our clients get the compensation they deserve.

Consider the following TESTIMONIALS:

Josh C.

My experience  with Kelly  trewella ,was great ,she is a top notch lawyer,at what she does ,she returns phone calls,she works on your case job stop,I appreciate, having an attorney ,such as kelly trewella,there should be more like her,thank you…

Jennifer anyon

Kelly is the absolute best kind professional And very caring!!!


I would like to thank Tom Holland and Kelly Trewella for there excellent job during a very difficult time for me and my family. They were very professional and took my case right away and got the ball rolling for me. They got me the compensation I deserved. I would highly recommend there firm and legal team! Thank you

Millie Williams

My name is Millie Williams I have been dealing with Tom and Kelly from the Thomas More Holland law firm for a number of years.  They both treat me with dignity and respect.  All questions were answered any my case was settled in a timely manner. Thank you Tom, Kelly and Jamila.


I’ve been working with this law firm for several years and I must say the team at Tom Holland firm is phenomenal. Kelly is amazing and knowledgeable she gets the job done and will defend her clients till the end. 
I wouldn’t choose a better team of experts to represent me.


I am a repeat client very happy with Kelly’s work. Very hard worker gets the job done.!! In it to Win it!!!


Kelly did excellent research on my case. She knows just how to win. I have never witnessed an attorney like Kelly. You had better be on your P’s & Q’s with this lady. If you want win your Case, hire Kelly!!

M. Norris

Kelly Trewella (with Tom Holland Law Office) has contacted me from the beginning of my case up to the present. She informed me about documents/info I would need regarding my case. I also was updated throughout how everything was coming along. Questions I had were answered to the best of Kelly’s ability. This made the process smooth & worry free. I must say I am satisfied with the outcome. Thank you.


Kelly was professional and easy to work with.  She really helped me out with a difficult legal matter and I was very happy with the results.


Look no further!! Kelly was the best. She was there every step of the way. She kept me updated on everything that happened and got me the settlement I wanted. Hard working and very knowledgeable

NOTABLE cases:

Thomas J. Kelly [case](Medical Malpractice & Worker’s Compensation Claims)[/case]

Thomas Kelly suffered serious brain and head injuries when he was assaulted by a fellow worker. The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland represented Mr. Kelly in both his workers’ compensation claim and in a lawsuit for medical malpractice against Frankford Hospital and others. We settled the medical malpractice case with a confidential settlement. We not only won the workers’ compensation case, but we also pursued an appeal to the Commonwealth Court so that Mr. Kelly’s employer would be held responsible for paying our attorney’s fees instead of having them coming out of Mr. Kelly’s own pocket.

(See, Kelly v. Workmen’s Compensation Appeal Board (DePalma Roofing and S.W.I.F.), 699 A.2d 1023 (Pa. Cmwlth. 1996)

Patricia Cella [case](Products Liability Case)[/case]

Patricia Cella’s products liability case is an ideal example of the extent to which the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland will fight to make sure that the firm’s clients receive every possible type of compensation. First, at trial, the jury rendered a verdict of $825,000.00 for Ms. Cella. Our office asked the Court to increase the verdict; the trial judge agreed and increased the verdict to $1,375,000.00. The trial judge also assessed “delay damages” of $126,780.25, for a total verdict of $1.501,780.25. We also filed lawsuits in Federal Court on behalf of our client, to assure that we could protect her rights. When the Federal Court dismissed our cases, we appealed. The 3rd Circuit (the Federal appeals court) agreed with our argument

(See, Cella v. Togum, et al., 173 F.3d 909, 43 Fed.R.Serv.3d 459 [1999]) and reinstated the lawsuit, concluding that by dismissing the case, the plaintiff had suffered a “procedural injury.”

Eunice Rivera

Eunice Rivera alleged that the defendants violated the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and that she was entitled to damages under the Air Carriers Access Act (See, Rivera v. Delta Airlines, Inc., 1997 WL 634500, 11 NDLR P 61 [E.D. Pa. 1997]), and the trial court agreed. The Court agreed with our argument that Federal Law permitted our client to pursue her ADA claim.

George Koslow

The Federal Court ruled that an injured could file a lawsuit against a workers’ compensation carrier alleging that it violated the Americans With Disabilities Act.

(See, Koslow v. Commonwealth, 2000 WL 1521619, 11 A.D. Cases 575 [E.D. Pa. 2000]).

Mary Churchill

In this case, Mary Churchill claimed that her employer had violated the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) when they fired her. A jury agreed and awarded damages to Ms. Churchill – and the Court ordered that our client be reinstated at her job and called that result “a significant victory.” The Court also assessed attorney’s fees against the employer.

(See, Churchill v. Star Enterprises, 1998 WL 254080 [E.D. Pa. 1998]).

At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we pride ourselves on doing everything we can for every client, regardless of how large or small case. Our goal is to make certain that our clients receive every type of compensation – from pain and suffering to wage losses to job reinstatement – to which they are entitled, and we fight for every client.

Attorney Thomas More Holland and his staff give every client personal attention, investigate and analyze the facts of every case, and provide zealous legal representation. If you, a loved one or a friend believe that you have a claim, contact the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland by filling out a simple form, by sending an email or by calling (215) 592-8080.


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