Tom Holland: The Best Attorney at Law in Pennsylvania

We live in a world today where absolutes have faded away. Standards and values are sacrificed daily on the altar of money. Loopholes are exploited. Workers are ignored. People are, in general, betrayed.

When you think of faithfulness, kindness, and commitment, perhaps “Attorney at Law” in Pennsylvania is not the first word to come to mind. Top Attorneys in Pennsylvania are not always known for being giving and receptive.

What Makes For A Standout Attorney at Law in Pennsylvania

What makes an exceptional attorney at law in Pennsylvania? For Thomas More Holland, it started with joining his father’s existing practice. There he worked as a defense attorney who represented businesses and insurance companies. His main responsibility was to keep claimants from bringing their personal injury claims to court.

This work was distasteful to Tom Holland. Such a close personal experience with insurance companies’ insistence on valuing dimes over victims made him frustrated. What is the use of an Attorney at Law in Pennsylvania if they are merely protecting big corporations, and not looking out for the real people who are the lifeblood of this great country? As a result of these negative experiences, he began his own law firm, where he represents injured claimants who are not at fault.

While Tom Holland struck it out on his own, his law office has expanded to welcome an entire team of Attorneys at Law and paralegals. As a rule, they work together with Tom Holland to protect the innocent and get compensation for the injured. Justice is the name of the game. The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland work daily representing on the job injuries, those injured in motor vehicle accidents, as well as victims of discrimination, harassment, and negligence.

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