Understanding Workers Comp in PA

Each state has its own unique set of legislation, and this is no different when it comes to workers compensation after an injury at work occurs. The following is an explication ofworkers comp in PA.

Having a location specific understanding of  workers comp in PA is essential. Most importantly, it allows employees to know what course of action they must take to receive due benefits. This ensures that injured employees neither waive their rights to workers comp nor become liable for their own injuries. It allows individuals to advocate for their own rights. Here at the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, it is important to us that our clients feel empowered by the legal process, while having a stress-free experience.

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act states that just about everyone who has an work-related injury or suffers from an occupational disease is entitled benefits, including paid wage loss and medical losses. This essentially means that injured persons are entitled to compensation for medical care as well as a portion of their wages assuming the injury or condition prevents them from working. A lump sum settlement is often available.

It is important for employees to realize that to receive workers comp in PA, it is necessary to inform your employer of injury within 21 days (excluding progressive diseases). If an individual waits longer than 120 days, they may compromise their rights to workers’ compensation. Further, once accepts workers comp, they waive their rights to sue the employer. However, if the injury is caused by an outside individual or company, it may be possible to sue the responsible party.

While these are the bare bones of understanding workers comp in PA, it is essential that individuals seek legal services, as there are many complexities to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act that are difficult to navigate without a legal professional. Contact The Law Offices of Thomas More Holland to provide quality assistance with workers compensation and assurance that injured persons are properly treated by the companies they labor for.

Workers Comp in PA | Workers Comp in Pennsylvania

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