Unpaid Lunch Pennsylvania Employees? Know Your Labor Laws

If you’re working long hours, don’t you deserve a lunch break?  While there are laws that require states to provide paid or unpaid lunch breaks, each state varies when it comes to meals and breaks. So do you get an unpaid lunch Pennsylvania workers?

Meal/Rest Breaks

Unpaid Lunch PennsylvaniaTurns out the answer is No!  Pennsylvania Labor Laws do not require employers to provide their employees with any meal breaks no matter how long their shift. Unless you’re an employee between the ages of 14-17, there is no state law regarding meal breaks. However, each individual employer can choose to allow their employees a meal break. If a lunch break lasts 20 minutes or longer it is unpaid.

Just like meal breaks, Pennsylvania Labor Laws do not require employers to provide their employees with rest breaks. Even though there is no law requiring employers to provide breaks for their employees, most employers already do so. If the break is 20 minutes or less it must be a paid break .

Breaks for Minors

If you’re a minor, you’re in luck! Pennsylvania law and federal law require that any minor between the ages of 14 and 17, who works 5 or more consecutive hours, must take a 30 minute minimum lunch break. Under the Labor Laws this meal can be paid or unpaid. All breaks that are 20 minutes or less must be paid.

Breastfeeding Breaks

The Affordable Care Act amended the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to allow a reasonable break time for employees to nurse or pump breast milk. Pennsylvania Labor Laws also allow  unpaid breastfeeding breaks as needed to nursing mothers.

Unpaid Lunch Pennsylvania employees want isn’t actually a law, but if you feel like labor laws have been violated contact TMH Law today!


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