What Are My Rights In the Workers Comp Claim Process?

Knowing your rights in the workers comp claim process can change the outcome.

If you are going through the workers comp claim process, we at the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland strongly suggest you hire the assistance of a qualified attorney. This is because having someone to guide you through every step of the process and tell you what to expect or do when you have a question or concern is immensely helpful.

However, provided you are just interested in learning more about your rights in the workers comp claim process, we also want to do what we can to help out. That is why we have compiled this list of workers’ rights for the workers comp claim process:

Your Rights In the Workers Comp Claim Process

Right To Collect Benefits

workers comp claim processUnder the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, you are entitled to workers’ comp benefits to pay wage losses and medical losses if you are injured on the job or suffer from a job-related occupational disease. As long as the injury is job-related, including broken bones, strains and sprains, herniated or bulging discs, and just about every other condition you can imagine. If it happened on the job, it is covered and the employee is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

At the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland, we understand the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act and make sure you get all of the compensation you deserve.

Right To Fair Treatment

Remember, the workers’ compensation insurance company is not your advocate and will try to use its unequal bargaining position every chance it gets. That is why you should contact us even if your claim has been accepted, just to make sure you are getting paid the correct amount and negotiate for a lump sum settlement that is favorable to you..

Right To File Lawsuit

If your workplace injury was caused by the carelessness of someone other than your employer, such as a visitor or outside contractor, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against that individual or company.In addition to handling the workers’ compensation claim the Law Office of TMH can protect the injured worker from employment discrimination claim.

Finally, perhaps your most useful right in the workmans comp claim process is your right to an attorney. That is why if you, a family member or friend has been injured at work, you should contact the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland and hire an aggressive lawyer who understands the workers’ compensation laws and regulations, and will make sure you get all the benefits and the largest award or the lump sum settlement you deserve.

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