Workers Comp in PA

Tiffany Spoole was an employee of Walmart for many years. By the age of 50, she knew her department well and felt that life was going smoothly…until, one day, when she was carrying a ladder to shelve products and didn’t see the spilled water underfoot.

It was a painful accident, especially because she had already had knee problems before she bashed them against the ladder on the floor. She ended up having to get surgery for a torn meniscus.

What Could She Do?

Tiffany, like most ordinary workers, did not have personal expertise on laws for workers comp in PA. She knew that she’d have to get help. After checking a few web pages on pa workers comp laws she noticed that just a few lawyers offered for a free case evaluation to workers injured at work.

What could it hurt?, she thought. At least she could get a professional opinion for free.

At her consultation, Tiffany’s lawyer explained how PA law would likely treat her case and the legal protections offered to her. She guided Tiffany through the process of getting workers compensation, giving her useful information along the way.

For example, Tiffany learned that she must submit in writing a report of the accident within 21 days of its occurrence. Thankfully, the 21 days had not yet passed when Tiffany went to her case evaluation!

She also learned the good news that Pennsylvania has a policy of no-fault worker’s comp. No matter who is more “at fault,” as long as you follow the procedures correctly you will be given worker’s comp after being injured on the job.

Great News!

Worker’s comp turned out to be all in all, great news for Tiffany. Because she had the information she needed at the right time, and a lawyer who could answer her questions and guide her efforts, she was able to gain the benefits she was entitled to for worker’s comp in PA, which paid for all her medical expenses.

You can experience the same success in obtaining workers compensation if you have been injured at work, even if you don’t know where to start. At TMH Law we specialize in employee rights, working diligently to ensure receive your workers comp benefits!

We offer free case evaluations to people who are seeking guidance for their situation. You’ll receive details about the types of legal protection offered should you decide to make a claim. For more information or to make an appointment with us, click here.


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