Workers Comp Jersey: Know Your Rights

What would you do if you found out that your employer was not treating you fairly or in accordance with the law for workers comp Jersey?

Maybe you’re in that situation right now, or you think you might be but aren’t sure. TMH Law is prepared to inform you and fight for you in order to secure your rights as an employee. Workers compensation is a “no fault” insurance program, which gives workers benefits if they have suffered from illness or injury due to their jobs. These benefits include:

  •         Medical benefits
  •         Temporary total benefits
  •         Permanent partial benefits
  •         Permanent total benefits

In severe cases, workers comp Jersey also gives benefits to the dependence of workers who have died because of their employment.

Workers compensation is considered no fault because the injured employee receives these benefits no matter who was at fault. In return, the employee may not sue the employer the physical problems incurred while on the job (unless these were caused intentionally by said employer).

What should you do if you get injured? You need to notify your employer as soon as possible. This communication can be transmitted by your supervisor, HR, or any authority at the office It is not required that the notice be in writing. But if you need medical treatment, you need to inform the employer. Workers comp Jersey law says that the employer can select the physician that will treat the worker.

The employer should then notify their insurance carrier so that First Report of Injury is registered with the stated. The employer’s WC insurance carrier decides whether the claim is covered under WC law. If the claim gets accepted, then the worker will be sent to the physician for treatment.If time out of work is more than 7 days, the WC insurance also provides temporary disability benefits.

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