What You Need To Know About Workers’ Comp Pennsylvania

Workers Comp in PA

Are you an employee that has been injured on the job? Are you getting the run around from your employer about workmans’ comp? Or are you simply an employee who is uninformed about the laws regarding workers’ comp Pennsylvania? Unfortunately, employees typically aren’t informed about the workers’’ comp laws until they’re dealing with it first hand.

What qualifies as a work-related injury under the Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Act?

If you’ve suffered any injury that has been sustained on the job, at a business function, while running a work related errand, or while traveling for business, workers’ comp Pennsylvania benefits will cover wage losses and medical expenses. Workers’ compensation also covers those who suffer an injury from a repetitive work activities. Repetitive work activities may worsen and become repetitive trauma injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Common injuries covered under the Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Act include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Occupational diseases (cancer, skin disease, or respiratory disease)
  • Nerve damage
  • Any fractures, strains and sprains, herniated and bulging discs to your neck, back, arms, legs, hands, etc.
  • Loss of body parts.

Now that you know what workers’ comp Pennsylvania laws encompass, you should know what do you do if you’re sustained a work injury:

  1. Report Your Injury Immediately! – In order to be eligible for a workers comp claim, you MUST report your injury to your employer within 21 days from the day you incurred your injury.
  2. Seek Medical Attention – Once you’ve reported your injury, your employer should give you a list of doctors whom you may see for medical care. However, if your employer fails to give a list of preapproved doctors to visit, doesn’t provide you with the list of employees’ rights in writing, and doesn’t obtain your signature in acknowledgement of the employees’ rights, you may see any doctor you choose.
  3. Seek Legal Counsel – If you’re getting the runarounds from your workplace and have not yet received workers’ comp Pennsylvania benefits or compensation, then it may be time to seek legal counsel from the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland.

To see if you have worker’s comp case, contact TMH Law today at (215) 642-8141.

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