Workers Disability

Have you been injured on the job and denied disability discrimination? Call the Law Offices of Thomas More Holland immediately to assess your claim. With workers compensation and disability claims, your employer must pay your claim in  90-days.  If it is past this deadline, you need to contact TMH today!

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

Workers DisabilityAfter being injured on the job, it can be overwhelming to recover from your injury while simultaneously trying to assess the benefits you are entitled to. Your workers compensation coverage can cover everything from wage losses to medical expenses. TMH Law works with you to guide you through the workers’ compensation process, helping you deal with your employer and your insurance company. We explore every possible source of compensation for you, ensuring you receive the maximum workers compensation benefits that you deserve.

We do not get paid until you get paid!

Types of Benefits

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act governs the legal statutes and benefits for injured workers. If you are injured on the job, the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act ensures you are covered and are able to receive compensation for your injury.

This does not just cover immediate traumatic injuries, but also covers repetitive injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and long-term, occupational injuries like hearing loss due to loud noise exposure and disease related to exposure to chemicals, toxins and poisons. Disfigurement claims or scar claims have value even if you did not miss time from work. In the tragic event of death resulting from an on-the-job injury, the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act also provides benefits to survivors.

What To Do If You Are Injured On The Job

Our workers compensation attorneys recommend that you report your injury immediately to your supervisor and then seek emergency medical attention. By generating a written report at your place of employment and then following up with an unbiased medical professional, we help you document your entitlement and get the medical care you need.

Then, contact the specialists at TMH Law! Even if you believe you’ve been fairly compensated, our experts can review your case to ensure you are receiving everything you are entitled to!

Workers Disability | Disability Discrimination

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