Have Your Workers’ Rights in PA Been Violated?

Human rights have been a topic of hot debate throughout the centuries. Even the Greeks debated the place of Master and Slave, Student and Teacher, Wife and Husband. With all the changing ideas, there are some that rest unchanged. There’s always been the right wing: conservative, traditional, and realistic. There’s always been the left wing: liberal, progressive, idealistic. Over time, what those sides stand for has changed. The Greeks largely accepted slavery as good and necessary, although we now see slavery as abhorrent and evil.

While some may try to blame the progress (or lack thereof) on one socio-political group or another, the fact remains that our greatest strides forward were made through bipartisan efforts. When nearly everyone comes to accept a new concept as a basic human right, humanity can advance.

It’s the same with Workers’ Rights in PA. State workers’ rights are recognized, and even signed into Pennsylvania law! The PA workers compensation act works in conjunction with other PA labor laws to ensure that Workers’ Rights in PA are upheld.

So why have this conversation? Why reflect on philosophical and cultural history? Because of all the things that are true about humanity, this is perhaps the truest: There’s no avoiding the fact that there are indecent individuals that will both ignore Workers’ Rights in PA and sidestepping laws like the PA labor laws.  People have been selfish and greedy and jealous since long before the first fratricide.

How Do I Know if My Workers’ Rights in PA Are Being Upheld?

There’s no 3-step process, or 5-step Yes/No questionnaire to fill out to get the answer. However, if you suspect that your workers’ rights are not being respected by your employer, don’t hesitate to get legal counsel. Don’t go to your employer if you have a question and you feel that your employer might be cheating you. Rather, call up an attorney who specializes in PA labor laws, so that they can answer all your questions on wage rights, PA unemployment compensation, and wrongful termination.

The world is changing for the better, but that doesn’t mean that humanity as a whole is becoming more honest. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. Call the attorneys at the Law Office of Thomas More Holland, where we fight for your fair compensation and Workers’ Rights in PA. We can be reached at (215) 486-3877.

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