Workers’ Rights Philadelphia: Breaking Down Key Issues

If you are employed in the Philadelphia area, then it is important to know your rights as a worker in Pennsylvania. People who are unaware of the workers’ rights Philadelphia ensures may have their rights violated without even realizing it. Don’t let that happen to you.

Learn about your rights as an employee, and if any of your rights are being violated, then Thomas More Holland Law Offices is here to help you get fair compensation.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important PA workers’ rights:

  • PA Wrongful Termination: While PA does not allow for lawsuits for wrongful termination, it is unlawful for a worker to be fired based on a discriminatory basis–gender, race, religion, national origin, disability, or age.
  • PA Workplace Harassment Laws: As a PA employee you also have the right to not be harassed in the workplace based on your gender, race, religion, national origin, disability, or age.
  • Fair Compensation: In PA the minimum wage is the same as the federal minimum wage–$7.25 per hour. As a PA employee you are entitled to a minimum of $7.25 per hour, unless you are a tipped employee, then the minimum is $2.38 per hour.
  • Overtime Compensation: If you work over 40 hours in a week, then you are entitled to receive overtime pay of one and a half times your normal pay. There are a few exceptions to this for people in certain roles, such as people working in executive, professional, or administrative roles.

If you believe that any of the workers’ rights Philadelphia provides are being violated in your place of employment, then don’t worry; you don’t have to take action alone. TMH Law Offices can help you to understand your rights as a PA employee and what legal actions you can take if your rights have been violated. Call 215-977-4354 today for more information regarding philadelphia labor law.

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