Know Your Workers Rights: Philly PA

We bet you don’t know about these little-known workers rights, Philly PA.

Read on to learn the rights you do and don’t have as an employee in the state of Pennsylvania.

  • If you’re a Philly or other PA worker with a contract, you have a right to read your own file once a year.
  • Employment at will. Most work is performed under this principle in the state of Pennsylvania. The rule is that either employee or employer can terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason. For employees, that means that you could be fired for any cause, including personality conflicts, differing political views, etc. However, there are exceptions: an employer can’t fire an employee when it violates discrimination laws or as retaliation for making claims for benefits. Also, employment at will does not apply to workers with contracts, nor unionized workers or civil service workers.
  • You are protected from sexual harassment, no matter whether you are male or female, or whether the harasser is heterosexual or homosexual. Your employer has an obligation to keep the workplace safe for you, so whether it is a supervisor, a coworker, or even someone who is not an employee of the company, you have the right to take legal action when your employer has been made aware and doesn’t take appropriate measures.
  • If you work overtime, your company has to pay you 1½ times your regular pay rate. Your company cannot give compensatory time off for overtime; this is illegal under the Fair Standards Labor Act. To learn more details of minimum wage and overtime law, click here.

If you believe your workers rights Philly PA are not being respected, you can get a free consultation with us at TMH Law. We’re a firm specializing in defense of the Pennsylvania worker, and we’ve fought, and won, numerous cases against large employers in the area. Never think your issue is too insignificant. You have rights as a worker, and at TMH Law, we’re ready to help you protect them. Get a free initial case evaluation today.

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